What We Do

blue suit maleThere are many approaches to the Jupiter current – different deities such as Enlil, Thor, Marduk, Zeus, Perun are entreated with, different angels Tzadkiel, Iophiel are called, different intelligences are conjured to manifestation.

The Jupiter current doesn’t necessitate the calling of spirits though, and many of our group perform simple meditations on the inner source of their own abundance, or on the planet itself and its astrological significances, but the primary purpose of Jupiter magic remains prosperity.

There is a strong component of charity to our work, whether it be helping the less fortunate of our group or our local community, Jupiter directs us to give as well as recieve, the current is all about the flow and prosperity is for sharing.

We regularly work together on Thursday Jupiter hours spreading and sharing the blue luminescence of the current. Many members have now acquired bespoke items for use in their rites, from rings to cufflinks to canes – even entire suits given over to the practice of this magick and taking it out in the world. Around the world there are many devotional spaces for the G4J, in permanent temples and on the astral plane. We dress for the occassion when performing our ritual work – lounge suits, tuxedoes, cocktail dresses, in blue if possible – and quaff fine spirits to the Jupiter current.